Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Re-inventing the Phee

Ok so, I'm starting this blog on what would have been my 3rd anniversary of my second marriage. Guess you could say I still don't have it figured out yet. *sigh* Time to re-invent, re-package, re-purpose myself and my life.

I'm a Mom, first and foremost. I am raising a pack of boys (four teenagers, to be precise) along with the various friends and girlfriends they decide to bring home at any given time. Some days are challenging, some days are proud, some days are fun, but all days with my boys are precious.

I also am a Grammar Goddess, whose grammar and punctuation peeves are too numerous to list. I also write with a voice so if something is italicized, it means I meant to spell it that way. Although I'm not too terribly stuffy either...if the correct form seems snooty, I'll use the more socially acceptable form.

I am opinionated (hence the title) and don't much care whose toes I step on. (There's an snooty example for ya.) If you put it out there, you invite commentary. I have little patience for whiners, drama-queens, irresponsibility, blame-dodgers, and other various spineless personality traits. If you did it, own it. If you screwed up, say so and make amends. Passing blame is a 5 year-old's game. I'm talking to you, Lindsey Lohan.

I am Phoenix McHeit (aka Phee), a proud member of The International Wenches Guild. The IWG is kind-of a sorority of similar-minded, strong women who enjoy Renaissance Faires and Medieval re-enactments of various sorts. I am not in any way a spokesperson for the group; my opinions are Mine Alone.

This blog will cover a variety of topics, such as parenting (good and bad), Ren Faires, celebrity screw-ups, current events, pets, men, and anything else that catches my eye at any given time. If you have a topic you wish to see covered, leave me a note in the comments section. No promises.

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